Despite a growing wealth of scientific study about their benefits, music programs in schools are in decline. It is widely acknowledged that regular musical activity, in particular group singing, benefits young minds in incredibly diverse ways often helping to regulate numerous other developmental issues. Andrew Gray, Artistic Director of CEM developed Sing Montréal Chante to offer all children access to music making and self-expression through singing with others.

The program, currently piloting across the city, is free to schools and puts no strain on already stretched resources, targeting underserved children who would not otherwise have access to programs of this kind. The children will benefit by developing musical skills and knowledge, discover music from other countries and other languages, learn to perform with confidence, and nurture a sense of community. The project will culminate with a performance in a major concert venue, accompanied by professional musicians.



is a labour of love for Andrew who was once a tutor in a similar program for disadvantaged children in Britain. He experienced first-hand the transformative effect on children whose parents couldn’t afford to pay for them to be in a choir, suddenly finding themselves onstage singing alongside a professional orchestra in front of a large and appreciative public. This became the inspiration for Sing Montréal Chante.

For more information please visit the Sing Montréal Chante website.